As Built Drawings

It is becoming more commonly required for all contractors (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire) to provide clients with As Built drawings upon the completion of a project.

Fortunately, the process for As Built Drawings couldn’t be any simpler for our clients. By providing us with consultants’ drawings in DWG format as well as marked-up in PDF format, we can accurately amend these drawings to reflect any changes made to locations and quantities during the construction process.


Detailed, comprehensive As Built Drawings ensure your construction project runs smoothly and on time.  Read More....

As Built Drawings

With an expert team available outside of regular business hours, DraftAway can ensure that your As Built drawings are always submitted on time. We pride ourselves on the level of detail that goes into our As Built drawings, and we’ll carefully document every change or adjustment along the way.

We also offer a variety of other drafting services, including electrical and MEP drafting. Contact DraftAway today to find out more.

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