Full-Time Resources

DraftAway offers clients an option for a full-time resource or team that is exclusively dedicated to providing your company with the drafting and modelling support you need.

These resources and teams are managed by our local and overseas project managers and are specifically trained in your processes, systems and styles.

By utilising this full-time option, clients enjoy numerous advantages that include:
  • Fixed monthly costs without set-up costs or other overheads.
  • Increased quality and efficiency due to continuity of workflow and familiarity with your requirements.
  • Control over resources and all processes including selection and ongoing training.
  • Dedicated communication tools and techniques that can be put in place.
  • Regular project management and regular status reports made available.
  • Ongoing training and support, leading to improved efficiencies.
  • Develop, implement and continuously evolve QC checklists and other improvements to processes.