Why DraftAway

DraftAway clients enjoy the expertise and convenience of local management whilst leveraging the improved efficiencies, access to highly skilled personnel and cost benefits of offshore outsourcing.

Our onshore project managers include experienced architects and engineers who bring their individual in-depth industry knowledge to each one of our clients’ projects, guaranteeing a seamless integration of our services into any business.  Whilst our offshore team undertakes the majority of the drafting, we dedicate an onshore project manager to each client, who serves as a point of contact, oversees the relationship and management of the offshore team, and is responsible for maintaining the highest level of quality control.

We are the exclusive Australian representative of a global network of independent companies that utilise a world-renowned, multi-disciplined offshore production team.  Our team is made up of qualified architects, engineers, BIM modellers, spatial CAD co-ordinators, draftsmen, designers, visualisers and Scan-to-BIM specialists, who have gained a comprehensive understanding of Australian standards through rigorous training and extensive hands-on Australian and global experience. Our offshore team’s facilities and management personnel hold international accreditation certificates and have been independently audited by DraftAway.

As a results driven business, we will deliver high quality, cost-competitive, professional drafting and modelling services, relieving you of the burden of managing the outsourcing process and allowing you to have greater focus on customer service and business growth

We will be your competitive advantage.